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Jet Ski Tours



30 minutes Rental
- For 1 to 2 persons
- Price:75 $ USD

Terres Basses Tour / Lowlands
- Approximate lenght: 1h15
- Price:120 $ USD *

Baie Rouge
- Approximate lenght: 1h30
- Price:140 $ USD *

Anse Marcel
- Approximate lenght: 2h00
- Price:155 $ USD *

Anse Marcel + Restaurant Pit Stop (+ Lunch)
- Start is at 11:00am until 3:00 pm
- Price:180 $ USD *

Around the Island Tour + Restaurant Pit Stop (+ Lunch)
- Start is at 11:00am to 4:00 / 4:30pm
- Price:215 $ USD *


Tour Description

Terres Basses / Lowlands Tour
Ride along the Terres Basses to admire sumptuous Villas and with a little luck you might come across some of the famous aquatic species of Sint-Maarten (manta ray, turtle, dolphin, more...).


Grand Case Tour
A little more sportively demanding, this ride will bring you to the famous beaches of the island such as Petite Caye on the first half and Baie Rouge known for its famous color on the way back. Take it as a privilege since these beaches are accessible only by water or long long walk.


Anse Marcel Tour
Get the chance to ride along the sumptuous beaches and huge Villas of the Terres Basses, pass by the famous spots such as Baie Longue and Baie aux Prunes and admire the great aquatic life of Sint-Maarten. The Caribbean Sea will unveil its colors in the azurian and soothing bay of Anse Marcel.
If you choose the "Restaurant Pit Stop" option, you will be abble to take a break and enjoy a great lunch on the sea side beach of Baie Nettle. Large choice for the menu, high quality ingredients and calm weather by the sea makes it a perfect stop.


Around the Island Tour
It is only on a full ride around the island that you can discover and understand the geography of Sint-Maarten. You will appreciate the sight seeing of the humongous cruise ship in Philipsburg, luxury yacht and the air planes landing over you in Maho. This full tour will guide you to the famous and vibrant beach of Grand Case and its local gastronomic restaurant. There you will rest and    pause within a relaxing environment on the beach for a great lunch.